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    Solutions TAHAKAM adapted to the various forms of modern homes attractive fit with the various forms of decoration by providing a unique set of control panels and a variety of colors and sizes

     The technology for TAHAKAM used for residential solutions show no extensions or wires inside your home, adding attractive and luxurious home

    TAHAKAM of homes and residential buildings to the highest standards of quality and safety to international standards-based systems for that control systems provide multiple benefits, for example, the energy, which has become one of the first priorities of the government, which will bring you a substantial reduction in the cost of electricity consumption also helps to increase the life span of electrical appliances provide reduce the number of operating hours

     Also help residential TAHAKAM systems to provide security and safety of your home protected against risk by sensor systems Tndhirk the time of an emergency and can send an SOS specific destination event of an emergency, which gives you the security and safety and save lives and property

    Whatever you're looking for comfort welfare .. .. .. HE aesthetic value, and most importantly, provide safety .. ease of use, and Hadassah modern with the latest technology, but it's so much more ...... control is your destination






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